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        JLK series frame strander is used for copper wire or aluminum wire stranding. It can be used for round or fan-shaped conductor tight stranding, or for split conductor pre stranding.

        Main components of JLK series frame stranding set:

        1. Pay off frame, 2, stranding body, 3, parallel tight pressing die, 4, pre twisting tight pressing device, 5, wrapping device (optional)

        6. Meter counter, 7. Double traction wheel mechanism (according to the specific configuration of the model) 8. Hanging tool (for single hanging plate)

        9. The hanging device of the whole machine (the hanging device of the whole machine) 10, take-up rack, 11, electrical control system

        12. Mechanical transmission system (selection of ground shaft transmission) 13 safety protection system

        Main features:

        1. High rotation speed of the winch: the winch adopts frame structure, laser cutting and edge folding technology, the main shaft adopts the whole seamless steel pipe with wall thickness, the box body adopts casting parts, the gear is grinded, the traction adopts steel structure, and the dynamic balance test is carried out. The clamping methods include worm type, ratchet wheel type and friction plate structure for tension control. The above measures improve the strength and stability of the whole transmission system and greatly improve the production efficiency.

        2. Single line preform: each strand is equipped with a single line preform device, which makes the core smooth and not easy to loose.

        3. Synchronous stranding function: according to the stranding process requirements, the stranding bodies with different number of coils can be arbitrarily combined, and each section of stranding body can be configured with synchronous tube to complete the synchronous stranding of more cores, so as to realize the multi-functional use of a single equipment.

        4. The whole hanging board is convenient and fast: the side bottom hanging board device is adopted, with compact appearance, beautiful appearance, occupying space, convenient maintenance, fast hanging and hanging board and high efficiency.

        5. Precise synchronization of ground shaft transmission: the speed ratio of gearbox is adjustable, which can ensure the strict proportional relationship between winch speed and traction speed, and the strand pitch will not change in the process of equipment startup, normal operation and shutdown; each section of winch is synchronized accurately, the whole machine is controlled by PLC, and can also be set by touch screen, and the electrical control system is simple and easy to operate.

        Main models:

        Jlk-630 (6 + 12 + 18 + 24 + 30) can be configured according to user requirements.

        Jlk-500 (6 + 12 + 18 + 24 + 30) can be configured according to user requirements.

        Jlk-400 (6 + 12 + 18 + 24 + 30) can be configured according to user requirements.